What is a pup cup and how much it is at Starbucks

What is a pup cup and how much it is at Starbucks?

Are pup cups the new trend for dogs at Starbucks? What are pup cups? They are small cups filled with whipped cream that Starbucks offers as a special treat for our four-legged pals. Simply request one from the barista when you bring your pup to a Starbucks and it’s free of charge! It’s a great way to make your furry companion feel included.

The cream in pup cups is made with non-fat milk and no artificial sweeteners. Keep in mind, some dogs may be lactose intolerant or have allergies, so it’s best to check with your vet first.

If you’re worried about the sugar content, ask for a smaller portion or serve it on the side. That way, you can control your pup’s intake.

In addition to being yummy, pup cups can also be used as a training tool. Use them as positive reinforcement during obedience training or teaching new tricks. The creamy texture and tasty treat will motivate and make the session more enjoyable for both of you.

What is a pup cup and how much it is at Starbucks
What is a pup cup and how much it is at Starbucks

What is a pup cup?

A pup cup is a special treat from Starbucks for our furry friends! It’s a tiny cup of whipped cream, perfect for dogs. It’s a fun way to bond with your pet while you enjoy your Starbucks beverage. The best part? It’s free!

When you order a pup cup, the baristas are happy to make it. The pup cup is just the right size and amount for your pup, without overdoing it. However, some dogs may have allergies, so talk to your vet first!

This treat is so popular, it’s become a secret menu item. Many Starbucks locations are aware of it and will provide it if you ask. People have spread the word through social media, making it even more exciting to find.

Here’s a tip: Ask the barista to add a dog-friendly snack to your pup cup. It’ll make the treat even more enjoyable for your pup. So why not share a moment of delight with your beloved pet at Starbucks?

What is a pup cup
What is a pup cup

How much is a pup cup at Starbucks?

At Starbucks, you might be asking “How much for a pup cup?” Don’t worry – I’ve got the answer. Here are 4 points about the cost:

  1. 1st Point: Pup cups are free! That’s right – no need to spend money for your pet’s treat.
  2. 2nd Point: They have whipped cream, so dogs can’t resist!
  3. 3rd Point: All sizes and ages of dogs can enjoy them.
  4. 4th Point: Availability varies, so check your local Starbucks first.

Did you know? Starbucks only started offering pup cups because customers asked for them. Also, some cities have drive-thrus just for dog-friendly treats!

How to order a pup cup at Starbucks

To order a pup cup at Starbucks, simply approach the counter and ask for one. If there is a charge, be prepared to pay. Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll receive the pup cup. It’s as easy as that!

Step 1: Approach the counter

Approach the Starbucks counter confidently and with a friendly smile! You’re one step closer to scoring a delightful pup cup for your furry pal. Follow these tips to make it a stress-free experience:

  1. Greet the barista politely and let them know you want a pup cup.
  2. Emphasize it’s for your four-legged friend, so they’re not confused.
  3. Be patient in busy times, politeness goes a long way!

Pro Tip: If you know how your pup likes their pup cup prepared, don’t hesitate to provide details when ordering – this ensures maximum tail-wagging satisfaction!

Step 2: Ask for a pup cup

Need a pup cup for your pup at Starbucks? Here’s a guide:

  1. Ask the barista for a pup cup.
  2. Speak clearly with phrases like “A pup cup for my dog, please.”
  3. Wait for the barista to give you the pup cup.

Pup cups are filled with whipped cream, made for dogs. Watch out for dietary restrictions or allergies.

Pro tip: Order a drink for yourself too and spend quality time with your pet while sipping on Starbucks beverages. Enjoy!

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Step 3: Pay for the pup cup (if applicable)

  1. Head to the cashier: Find a Starbucks employee at the designated checkout counter.
  2. Order the pup cup: Let them know that you’re paying for a pup cup and any other items.
  3. Add extra info: If you’d like any extras, such as whipped cream or treats, let them know now.
  4. Get the total cost: The cashier will tell you the amount you need to pay.
  5. Pay via preferred method: Use cash, credit card, or mobile payment options like Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  6. Receive your order: Once your payment is processed, collect your receipt and change (if applicable). Thank the cashier before leaving.

Remember, ordering a pup cup is part of a great experience for you and your furry pal!

Pro Tip: Use the Starbucks app for mobile ordering to avoid long lines.

Step 4: Receive the pup cup

Once you’ve ordered a pup cup at Starbucks, it’s time to get your furry friend’s treat! Here’s how to receive it:

  1. Wait for the barista to make it.
  2. Look out for their call or signal.
  3. Smile when you go to the counter.
  4. Take the pup cup from the barista without spilling.
  5. Say thanks and find a place to enjoy it with your pup.

Remember, these steps are important for a great experience. Some Starbucks locations may have different pup cup protocols – ask the barista or look for signage. If you’re not sure if pup cups are available where you are, just ask! The staff will be happy to help.

What are the ingredients in a pup cup?

A pup cup is a special treat that Starbucks offers up for pups! A small, portion-controlled cup with unique ingredients that are safe and yummy for our furry friends. Here’s what goes into a pup cup: Whipped cream, a crunchy dog biscuit, and water. The cream makes it creamy and indulgent, and the biscuit satisfies their crunchy cravings. Water provides hydration. Plus, Starbucks only uses high-quality, safe products.

If you’d like to make your pup’s pup cup even more delightful:

  1. Share the moment
  2. Customize it for dietary restrictions/preferences
  3. Watch portion sizes. Talk to your vet for guidance.

It’s a fun way to treat your pup – while keeping them safe and happy. So why not give them a special moment of delight at your next Starbucks visit?

Are pup cups safe for dogs?

Pup cups are made with ingredients that are safe for dogs.

The pup cup size helps control how much a pup eats, avoiding overfeeding.

However, moderation is key when giving pup cups, to prevent any digestion problems.

Not all Starbucks have pup cups – so make sure to check with your local store.

It’s true, pup cups consist of whipped cream – dogs love it!

Tips for enjoying a pup cup with your furry friend

Give your pup a chance to sniff the pup cup before offering it. Avoid if they have dietary rules or are lactose intolerant. Capture sweet pics of them savoring their treat.

Also, Starbucks offers the pup cup for free! It’s a small portion of whipped cream that will make your pet happy.


The pup cup at Starbucks is a special treat for your pup pal! It’s a tiny cup filled with whipped cream and is around $0.50. Not all Starbucks locations offer the pup cups, so check with your local store first.

Confused what pup cup is? It’s a doggie-friendly version of popular whipped cream-topped drinks humans get at Starbucks. This sweet treat is made for our four-legged friends and can be a surprise!

Though it’s a small indulgence, pup cups make dogs very happy. They love the creamy texture of the whipped cream! Also, getting their own cup while you enjoy yours makes them feel included.

If you want to treat your pup to a pup cup, here are some tips:

  1. Make it an occasional reward. Too much of this sugary stuff can upset their tummies or cause them to gain weight.
  2. Use as positive reinforcement during training. Put some on top of their kibble or treats to make them even more appealing.
  3. Spend quality time together. Visit Starbucks with your furry friend and enjoy each other’s company while sipping your beverages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a pup cup at Starbucks?

A: A pup cup at Starbucks is a small serving of whipped cream in a small cup that is specially made for dogs.

Q: How much does a pup cup cost at Starbucks?

A: A pup cup at Starbucks is typically offered free of charge to customers who have dogs with them. It is a complimentary treat for the furry companions.

Q: Can all Starbucks locations provide pup cups?

A: Yes, most Starbucks locations are happy to provide pup cups. However, it is always best to check with the specific Starbucks store before assuming they offer them.

Q: Are pup cups safe for dogs to consume?

A: Yes, pup cups are generally safe for dogs to consume in moderation. However, it is always a good idea to consult with a veterinarian if you have any concerns about your dog’s diet or any potential allergies.

Q: Can I ask for a pup cup even if I’m not ordering anything for myself?

A: Yes, you can ask for a pup cup even if you’re not ordering anything for yourself. Starbucks is often happy to provide pup cups as a gesture of goodwill to their canine customers.

Q: Can you bring your own dog cup to Starbucks?

A: While it’s best to check with the specific Starbucks location, many stores allow customers to bring their own dog cup or container for the whipped cream instead of using the provided small cup.

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